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Happy Birthday To Me

I hadn’t planned on writing anything about a birthday, but before the clock strikes midnight and it’s over, I’ll put to the web some thoughts.  As I’ve gotten older, birthdays haven’t had the same kind of excitement they held for me as a child or teenager.  Add to that my tendency to pay attention to how old I “feel” as opposed to true physical age, and things get more complicated.  Always thought of myself as at least ten years younger than I really am.  Not out of denial mind you, just the fact that numbers don’t mean a whole lot when it comes to the power of the mind.  What’s the point of “acting your age” if it means you’re going to snuff out part of your true identity? Of course, we all have our physical changes that take place as we age; weight gain, loss of flexibility, eyesight changes, thinning hair, wrinkles, graying hair, etc.  That’s just how the human body changes with time.  Perhaps most important is grasping the opportunity to keep our minds going.  Stay curious, be skeptical, use critical thinking, question the establishment or status quo.  Sound like something a college age student might do?  Sure, and college students should no only learn, but stretch to the limits ideas, beliefs, opinions, and ideals while getting a college education.  That’s what they’re there for.  As older adults, we should do the same…and never consider our education to be finished.  Otherwise you settle into a rut, and grow old fast at a young age.

So Happy Birthday to me…my best is yet to come.


Welcome to Tornado Quest’s Blogsphere

Blog.  As defined by Merriam-Webster, a blog is “a website that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.”  Well, alright then…here goes.

I’ve had a Weather Blog on my site ( for about five years now and have only added comments/commentary in topics regarding weather.  At times, some of the short posts almost sound like Tweets from Twitter.  So, to polish things up and get a change of pace going, I’m beginning a new blog that will have weather related posts on some days, others will be varied reflections, comments, images, et al. that may be about science, history, art, photography, or music topics that keep my life and mind going.  We’ll see what happens and, like the patterns of evolution that have brought life to this planet over the past 4.5 billion years, watch this grow and change and shift and drift and flow.

I use the term “blogsphere” because as a weather/science enthusiast, the terms atmosphere, stratosphere, ionosphere, etc. are very common to me and I find the term blogsphere interesting if for no other reason that it describes a virtual social media world of sorts…an electronic biosphere constructed of binary numbers.

So welcome aboard.  Can’t promise you dazzling entertainment, but at least I’m sincere.  And if I offend or express views very contrary to your own, don’t be surprised and don’t take offense.  I care deeply about the truth, even if it takes some of us to a place where we’re not comfortable.  The mark of good science is an unwavering pursuit of truth and I’d rather know that truth than something based in supernatural beliefs that, while comforting, isn’t true.

Cheers! Let’s have fun!

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