I Wanted THE BEST & I got THE BEST!!!

I am ‘stoked’.

I am as wired with adrenaline and anticipatory excitement as a 6 year old kid on Christmas Eve.

It’s a nervous kind of excitement, and I experience it only a few times in my life. This will be the 33rd time to be exact.

I’m going to see KISS play the BOK Arena in Tulsa tonight. This will be my 34th KISS concert since November, 26, 1977.

In years past, I traveled to countless cities to see them on various tours; Oklahoma City, Dallas, Fort Worth, Wichita, Topeka, Little Rock, and more. But this has been a long time coming. KISS has not played Tulsa since the Hot In The Shade tour of the spring of 1990. Nineteen and a half years is a long time to wait for your favorite band to return to your hometown. I’m not looking at a 600 mile roundtrip that has to be made in one day due to time and work restraints. So, I’m stoked…thrilled…and will be experiencing the showmanship of the world’s greatest rock band with my daughter tonight. This will be her third KISS concert (actually, five if you count the two my wife attended with me while she was still pregnant with her) and she’s stoked too. The special part is not only seeing KISS and Gene Simmons in particular, but sharing with her a music phenomenon that has meant so much to me since 1976. One of the coolest thing about a KISS concert is the unity of all the people that attend. We all know what we’re there for & all share the same excitement and anticipation. We all know we’re a sort of “outsiders” group of rock fans, yet the band we’ve come to see is probably one of the most influential rock bands in all music. A great night lies ahead…and I’ll have my princess beside me to share the experience.


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