NOAA Weather Radio…Get One

As I’m typing this, central AR has just gone to a HIGH RISK for severe weather including strong/long-track tornadoes. South-central MO is also taking a pounding. Multiple tornadic supercells have developed in a very volatile atmosphere. It’s unusual to start out in a SLIGHT RISK for severe weather and have conditions change so rapidly that the SPC warrants a HIGH RISK. Considering the terrain and thick vegetation, I would not want to be in the path of any of the ongoing storms.

Here’s my point…and post for the month. The people ‘under the gun’ tonight need a NOAA weather radio. So do you. Doesn’t matter even if you live in Portland, OR or Portland, ME. You still need one and they’re very affordable. Here’s a link with more information. They should be as common in homes, workplaces, apartments, etc. as smoke detectors. Someday, it could save your life.


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