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Computer Security Threats

One article leads to another…and while perusing PC World, I came across this interesting piece on computer security. It’s a good read and has some solid advice. With security and privacy threats at an all time high (and people doing stupid things online to increase their personal threat level by revealing so much personal information), all of the points in this article should be taken seriously.


Too Important To Tweet

This is an article from PC World that I thought would be nice to “tweet” on Twitter. After a minute of thought, I felt it would better serve my followers to post it here…add add some comment as well.

The article’s title is “15 Things Every PC User Should Know.” By the way, IMHO, this applies to Mac users as well. A “pc” is a “personal computer” and includes everything that operates on an Apple O/S…or Linux too for that matter.


Back to the article…
1. What idiot would double click on everything? Are you out of your mind, or have some kind of uncontrollable twitch in your hand that causes you to “open” every possible link. Hey, it’s on the internet and since I’m such a NICE person, NO ONE would take advantage or be mean to me! Yeah, right asshole.
4. Bring files back from the dead? Why? When I wipe my ass and flush, it’s because I don’t want to see that shit again. Same for any files I delete.
5. Don’t wipe your hard drive before getting rid of it, get rid of the whole goddamn computer. Who in their right mind would sell or give a second hand computer to anyone? If that happens, I’m not sure who’s more retarded…the giver or the receiver.
6. Anybody from a shilling company who thinks I’m going to install their useless tool bars, unwanted browsers, etc. when I install an add-on is out of her/his mind. Not only have they wasted their money, but they’ve failed miserably at just another attempt to gather “marketing” data on me.
7. I don’t care who sends me an Office doc, I scour it to death for any kind of malicious slime that may be attached to it. Such a shame that more people aren’t aware of this.
8. Cleaning apps that you have to pay for, or promise the sun and the moon, are nothing but trouble. Otherwise, I’ve had good luck with Advanced System Care on defragmenting, registry cleaning, scanning for spyware, etc. It’s one of the few third party apps I can recommend.
9. Get rid of the old/unused apps. Use Revo Uninstaller to get deep in your system to scour your hard drive well.
10. Don’t let a spilled drink ruin your laptop…by keeping ANY fluids away from your laptop!!! If you have a drink at hand, keep it WAY out of hand!

There’s more, but read the article for the rest. I don’t agree with all the tips, but there’s some good advice there.
Besides, the tips that I’ve commented on are the most important ones. Read up.