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The Dallas/Fort Worth Tornado Event of April 3, 2012

On the 38th anniversary of the 1974 Superoutbreak of tornadoes, several tornadic supercells moved through the Dallas/Fort Worth metro. Fortunately, in spite of the population density, there were no fatalities and few injuries. A review of the event can be found at this link from the Fort Worth National Weather Service office.

As the storms were approaching the DFW metro, I took a screen capture of the two supercells that produced most of the tornadoes and damage.


As you can see (and this is indeed a rare sight) two supercells were moving over each city. The Fort Worth supercell was passing over the radar site (KFWS) which likely made verification of a tornado in progress a tricky challenge. This is where Skywarn spotters are so valuable. The Dallas supercell, while not particularly impressive in appearance, was well on it’s way to producing several tornadoes, including EF-3 damage near Forney, TX. This is a classic example of how reflectivity images alone are not enough to evaluate the intensity and potential danger of a thunderstorm.

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