Lightning Safety, A Few New Links, & A Heat Wave That’s Here To Stay

To say that things in my world have been a bit on the busy side is a vast understatement. Fortunately, a lot of good things have been happening. One thing of particular note is some help I’ll be getting on expanding Tornado Quest’s social media presence on a variety of platforms…starting with Twitter, of course. I’m looking forward to it a great deal. Finding the right blend of branding and being an advocate for science education and the scientific method is tough, but it’s looking promising. Stay tuned.

While perusing some info on lightening safety (after all this is Lightning Safety Week), I came across two great videos…take a look…

Beyond Thunder Dumb: When Lightening Strikes…

Lightning: The Impacts On People

While one is a more light-hearted look at lightning safety, it still has good info. Both are worth watching.

I’ve added a few new links to the Tornado Quest Links page. This will serve as my main website links page until I’m able to change webhosts and redesign Tornado Quest.

I also came across a really interesting read regarding heat waves and climate change. Very solid scientific writing by folks who are real scientists.

As usual, critical thinking, reasoning, and the scientific method will discreetly trump theocratic-political polemics.

Carry on…& cheers!



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