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Isaac…A Very Complex Tropical Scenario

The system we’ve come to know as Isaac in the tropical Atlantic is slowly strengthening as of 24 August 2012. All of the latest forecast point to a landfall on the US Gulf coast somewhere between Miami, FL and New Orleans, LA. Having said that, if you live between those areas, expect some kind of hurricane and/or tropical storm force conditions.

For the latest on Isaac, here’s a link to the National Hurricane Center.  Best prepare now before it’s too late.  If it’s any consolation, I doubt very seriously that this will be a major hurricane event, but then again, if you’re hunkered down in your house with 85 mph winds howling outside and blinding rain, there’s no such thing as a “non-major” hurricane. You’re scared, worried about your loved ones, your property, place of work, other friends & family, etc. That’s normal & all part of the “flight-or-fight” lymbic system we’ve got in the reptilian part of our brains. So…take precautions, keep tabs on Isaac from the National Hurricane Center, your local National Weather Service, and your local media meteorologists of your choice. Oh yes…one more thing…if you’re asked to evacuate, please cooperate with authorities. It could save your life.

Stay safe folks!

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