November’s Gee-O-Science! Links – A Touch Of Winter Weather Info…& Much, Much More

Now that time permits me to put together a few science links, I’ll do just that. For November, the focus will be on winter weather. Just as it’s wise to prepare for any other season, we’d all be in a bit of a fix if we ignored the change of seasons. Obviously, this isn’t as pressing of an issue for folks lucky enough to reside in Honolulu or Key West. And, as is usually the case with me, my interests in science stretch far and wide…so you’ll always get a touch of astronomy, paleontology, evolutionary biology, et al.  So sit back, relax and enjoy.  Lets get started…

How do winter storms form? How do you keep informed? How does your body react to extremes in cold temperatures?
Everything you need to know is right here.

NOAA also has another nice Winter Weather Tip Sheet with plenty of great info.

One item you never want to overlook is your NOAA weather radio …it’s just as valuable in winter as in the spring tornado season.

As the Atlantic hurricane season winds down, Sandy will be front & center in the news for quite some time. Rebecca Rosen @beccarosen has written a nice piece for The Atlantic: “Will Sandy Change How We Talk About Climate Change?”

Tropical cyclones/hurricanes/typhoons occur all over the world. This cool map from NASA will give you a global perspective.

And last but not least…

 Feathers of heresy! The dinosaurs of childhood aren’t the same anymore! Please pass the tissue…*sniffle*

Cheers…see you next month!


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