Tornado Quest “Gee-O-Science” Links for June 1-8, 2013

To ease the blog load, I’ve decided to make the Tornado Quest “Gee-O-Science links post a weekly feature. Sorting through up to 250 articles once a month can be a daunting, time consuming task, especially with my current schedule. Lots of good stuff out there for your reading pleasure, so let’s get started…


Conveying scientific principles to the general public can be tricky for the average journalist. Here are some techniques that will help make that article click.

Open access scholarly publications are invaluable as open education resources. Lets hope the trend of open access continues.

Stunning images can be taken from low earth orbit. Here are over 100 images that are sure to be a treat for your eyes.

Putting together a family disaster kit can be frustrating and confusing. Fortunately, FEMA has some good info to help you get started.

Here’s a list of dozens of apps & sites for teaching that’s bound to have something for everyone.


An excellent post on the rebirth of citizen science and open innovation.

Caren Cooper has written an excellent essay on “The Citizen Science of Climate Change: we are not bystanders.”


Social media is revolutionizing the way information and data is disseminated during disaster response.

It’s no surprise to me that Twitter takes top honors (at least in this one opinion) for online trustworthiness.

It’s a bit much to call all of these “obsolete”, but more people than you think are still using technologies that have been around for ages.


Noctilucent clouds are very rare. I’ve love to see them some day. Recently, some were observed over northern Ireland.

Landspouts on the high plains can be spectacular. Here’s a nice video of some in CO that occurred in early June 2013. Note the multiple vortex structure at the 20 second mark.

This handy page will help you locate your local National Weather Service office on Twitter or Facebook.

If you’re a major league weather “geek” like me, even this site with live data from hurricane hunter reconnaissance missions is fascinating.

Could lightning provide earlier tornado warnings? Maybe, but maybe not…read on.

There are many things that can be learned by the May 2013 tornado events in Oklahoma. Here’s an excellent post.

Recently, the WeatherBrains show had and excellent array of guest discussing not only the recent Oklahoma tornadoes, but severe weather forecasting and storm chasing in general. You can watch or listen to it here on YouTube.

The University of Oklahoma’s RaXpol mobile radar got some amazingly spectacular data on the El Reno, OK tornado of 31 May 2013. Here’s some detailed info on the equipment.

Here’s a nice look at the El Reno tornadic supercell as it passed through central OK. A very dangerous HP supercell indeed. Fortunately, storms of this kind are a rare breed.

The OKC metro television coverage of the El Reno, OK tornado has caused quite a stir like nothing I’ve seen. Here’s one of many posts/essays online you can read and come to your own conclusion.

Here’s the Public Information Statement from the Norman, OK NWS with info on the EF-5 rating of the El Reno, OK tornado.

The El Reno tornado has also stirred up consternation regarding the EF-5 rating which, by some accounts, needs a second look.

Could UAV’s aka “drones” replace storm chasers?

The Moore, OK tornado of 20 May 2013 not only devastated a significant part of that city, but left a scar visible to a NASA satellite.

This guest post by severe weather researcher Harold Brooks is a good read. Unfortunately, it’s overwhelmed by the number of comments. Regardless, Brooks is spot on.

Read how meteorologist Stu Ostro came to a change of heart & mind regarding climate change.

This is a very nice presentation with Stu Ostro, Jennifer Francis, & Chris Mooney on the science behind climate change. The presentation starts at approximately the 1:10:00 mark.


I was left speechless after watching this video. I’m truly gobsmacked & at a loss for words…

Ah well…  :-/

Till min följde efter i Skandinavien , Jag hoppa det du er får klar till njuta av den längst dag om år!

Hope everyone has a great week…peace & cheers!


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