Anniversary of Hurricane Andrew’s Florida Landfall: Aug. 24, 1992

Today’s the 21st anniversary of Hurricane Andrew  making landfall on the southeastern Florida coast. It seems like just yesterday when I was watching The Weather Channel, closely following the progress of the storm (sans internet), and realizing this would be a historical weather event for the United States. After crossing the Gulf of Mexico, I was able to pick up a New Orleans radio station on my clock radio and vividly recall the sense of urgency in the announcer’s voice as Andrew headed towards the central Gulf coast. Ultimately, Andrew was upgraded to Category 5 status in 2002 after meteorological data was reviewed.

Here are some links you might find of interest. The Nat’l Climactic Data Center has a nice roundup of events. From 1993, the Nat’l Hurricane Center has a very detailed overview including a detailed meteorological perspective and damage photos. The Capital Weather Gang has two nice pages from 2012; one on the development of Andrew as is approached the US, the latter giving in insiders view of the events at the National Hurricane Center. Last but not least, the National Hurricane Center has all the latest tropical cyclone weather data. If you live in a hurricane prone region, travel to one often, or have family or friends who live along or close to the Gulf or Atlantic coast, it’s a website worth bookmarking.

And just one more thing…September is National Preparedness Month from the American Red Cross. Hurricane Preparedness Week was earlier this summer, but this is still a good time to prepare. Considering that the Atlantic is very quiet at this time, now’s an ideal time to prepare for a tropical cyclone landfall because when it’s imminent, it’s too late.



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