Tornado Quest Gee-O-Science Links For Aug. 19 – 25, 2013

Busy week on tap for yours truly, so I’ve got an abbreviated list here…but there’s some good stuff I’d like to pass along…let’s get started…hope you enjoy!


Good news on the open-access front…a significant percentage of 2011 scientific papers are now free to read.

Thought provoking read by Chris Mooney. “The Science Of Why We Don’t Believe Science.”

The inimitable E.O. Wilson writes on, “What Makes A Good Scientist?”

September is National Preparedness Month with the American Red Cross. Regardless of where you live in the USA, you need a disaster preparedness plan.


How do citizen scientists stack up against the experts? Quite well, thank you.


Eight official state dinosaurs…including Oklahoma’s very own T-Rex look-a-like called Acrocanthosaurus atokensis.


What makes consumers less likely to recycle? The answer is surprising.

Scandinavians are probably the worlds most adept folks at recycling…so much so that in Norway, there’s a shortage of trash.

Some amazing images…seeing earth as a beautiful calamity.

For many city dwellers like myself, light pollution is a challenge for our astronomical viewing. But, there are options available.


After 10 years of faithful service, NOAA retires the GOES-12 satellite.

NASA is using two aircraft in a study to gather data on the interaction of pollution and climate.

NASA’s also been analyzing a vast area of Saharan dust that’s partly responsible for a quiet Atlantic tropical season.

The Columbia Journalism Review has compiled a good list of climate websites.

A decline in sea ice is inducing a ‘greening’ of the Arctic.

Looking back to the past climate for data to help long-term climate fluctuations.

Hurricane Sandy altered sea floors and shorelines, destroyed buildings, and disrupted millions of lives in 2012. Now, the changed coastline is being remapped.

Summer may be drawing to a close for much of the Northern Hemisphere, but here’s some “bookmark worthy” summer safety info from the NWS, Norman, OK.

And that’s a wrap…have a great week everybody…see you sooner than later!



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