Tornado Quest Gee-O-Science Links For Sept. 23 – Oct 12, 2013

After a few week on hiatus due to several ongoing projects, I’ve decided to trim the Gee-O-Science weekly post down to ten links per week. Even with the best of intentions, time management can go awry. Having said that, here we go…

Here’s an excellent account of the El Reno, OK tornado of May 31, 2013: “Chasing The Beast” which no only goes into the tragic events of fatalities, but several other storm chaser accounts of events during this particularly violent tornado.

Another good read from the American Meteorological Society is this preliminary report on the role of multiple vortex structures (44 page PDF file) in the El Reno, OK tornado and it’s connection with storm researcher fatalities.

Building homes to withstand hurricane force winds is one thing, but tornadoes are something else…unless you’d like living in a steel-reinforced concrete pillbox.

NOAA is embarking on a very cool concept, using underwater robots to improve hurricane science.

The Latest IPCC Climate Change report has been out for many days, but there’s still some uncertainty on the contents. Here’s a good overview from Scientific American that was posted before the latest report was issued.

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) reports that Arctic sea ice minimum for 2013 is the sixth lowest on record.

Sadly enough, evolution isn’t the only science topic that’s being ostracized. Add climate change to the list.

Though not an official NOAA weather product, this ever-changing wind map is one of the coolest sites online.

Check out these amazing black and white images of the red planet.

When possible, I’ll try to include a citizen science link with every weeks post. Here’s a cool one you can try out and all you need is a computer to gather 19th century weather data.

As you can tell, some article will not be strictly related to specific geoscience topics and will often contain information on other areas of interest. Variety, especially in science, is the spice of life.

Have a great week folks….cheers!


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