Tornado Quest Gee-O-Science Links For Nov. 10 – 18, 2013

Thanks to yesterday’s severe weather & tornado outbreak across the Midwest and Ohio valley, I’m running a day late on this week’s Gee-O-Science links post. Meteorologists from many National Weather Service offices will be combing over thousands of square miles documenting tornado paths, downburst/microburst damage, hail swaths, and a myriad of other data. Unfortunately, there were several fatalities and communities impacted by tornadoes. If you’d like to help the storm victims, please visit

Now for this weeks links…


Here’s a very cool panorama that shows you “where-in-the-Mars” is the Curiosity Rover.


Check out this cave where the forecast is, “dark with a chance of clouds.”


Here’s the Storm Prediction Center’s Preliminary Storm Report page for the 17 November 2013 severe weather outbreak. For those unfamiliar with this data, please keep in mind that these are preliminary reports and many numbers, especially the tornado count, will be substantially lower once redundant reports are eliminated and NWS damage surveys completed.

NOAA’s National Climactic Data Center has issued their October, 2013 State of the Climate report. Among the data, Alaska had its warmest October on record.

Unless the USA gets a good hand, by 2016 it’ll be in a world of hurt regarding weather satellites.

Filling in gaps in long-term temperature records with satellite data indicates that recent surface warming trends had probably been underestimated.

A good read by Chris Mooney. “Could Carl Sagan Have Defeated Climate Denial?

Check out Climate Modeling 101…”designed to help the public learn the basics of climate modeling.”

The World Health Organization has rated Super Typhoon Yolanda a Category 3 disaster…their highest level.

A keen understanding of past disasters can help solve future problems.


Done efficiently & with sharing info of value, tweeting & blogging aren’t a waste of academics’ time.

And that’s a wrap…have a great week everybody!



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