Tornado Quest Gee-O-Science Links For Nov. 17 – 25, 2013

It’s been quite an active weather week across the contiguous USA. A noteworthy winter weather event covered parts of New Mexico, Texas, and southwest Oklahoma with sleet, snow, and freezing rain. That event came in on the heels of very significant tornado outbreak across the Midwest & Ohio valley with a rare High Risk…made even more rare that the High Risk was in November. Finally, the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season draws to a very quiet close.

Here are this weeks links…


Interesting op-ed read: “Science Needs To Be More Dangerous.” And, I’m inclined to agree, but this doesn’t mean “dangerous” as in “carelessly reckless.”

Another good “must read” ~  Top 20 Things Politicians (and any non-scientist) Needs To Know About Science.”


At the college and university level, there’s a dire need for science classes for the non-science major.


The Audubon Society’s 114th Christmas Bird Count is starting soon! Here’s how you can sign up for this important project.


An alarming number of homes in the USA are at an increasing risk of wildfires.


NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center has issued their 2013-2014 winter weather outlook. A more detailed prognostic discussion can be found here.

The NIST has released their comprehensive report on the Joplin, MO tornado of 22 May 2011. Note: this is a large 480+ page PDF file.

The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season draws to a close as the 6th least active since 1950.

Climate change’s influence on tornadoes is a “mixed bag”…and no easy answers in the near future.

Human’s aren’t the only species that can sense changes in barometric pressure. Apparently, birds can too.

Summary of an interesting report from the United Nations Environmental Program concludes that atmospheric nitrous oxide could double by 2050.

If you haven’t seen this cool wind map, check it out. It’s bookmark worthy!

A very interesting read on social media and severe storm warnings.

Is legal defense for a climate scientists necessary? Sadly, the answer is yes.

Some very dramatic footage (strong language advisory…you’ve been warned) from the Washington, IL tornado of 17 November 2013. Videos of this type are as telling of the varied human “flight or fight” survival response as anything else.  If nothing else, it’s a perfect example of why people should (among other body protection apparel) wear sturdy shoes when taking shelter during a tornado warning. Sandals or “flip-flops” won’t cut it.


Top 8 Things That I Hear When I Say That I’m A Meteorologist (Many of these apply to weather hobbyists or storm chasers as well.)

Stop the presses! It rained in Los Angeles! Head to shelter immediately! This is a botox and suntan threatening situation!

Finally…with high tech graphics and “user friendly” info, this gem will put the careers of many broadcast meteorologists in jeopardy!  😀

Have a great week everyone!



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