Tornado Quest Gee-O-Science Links For Nov. 25 – Dec. 2, 2013

As we welcome meteorological winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the Atlantic hurricane season quietly winds down. Fortunately, it was a very quiet season. The big news over the contiguous 48 states this week will be an early December blast of winter complete with snow, sleet, and all the frigid wind chills your thermal underwear can stand.

Here are this week’s links…


Here’s a very cool project for a science fair…or just for fun. How to make your own Spectroscope.

I’ve posted this before, but it’s worth another look. The title may as well be “How To Explain Science Research To The Non-scientist”

Good read by Chris Mooney: “Why Climate Change Skeptics and Evolution Deniers Joined Forces

This essay is as good a reason as I need for being a perennial advocate for critical thinking, the scientific method, and high quality science education.


Did Comet ISON survive its close encounter with the sun? Only it’s hairdresser knows…


Another reason why trees are awesome: “Study shows tree leaves can capture 50% of particulate matter pollution.


Here’s NOAA’s summary of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season…the sixth least active since 1950.

Interesting Op-Ed: “Climate Change Needs An Elephant Whisperer

The challenges of operational synoptic meteorology blending with climactic research is well explained in this article.

Another well written Op-Ed from people who really know what their doing: “The Truth About Tornadoes

Weather and climate research on the open seas can be a lonely but fascinating endeavor for the scientists involved.

Interesting concept…would be interesting to see if it works: “Using moving cars to measure rainfall


Note to fellow storm chasers…never leave your camcorder unattended if eagles are present.

Check out sixty-two of the world’s most beautiful libraries. Yes, I have my favorites, but none of them look modern.

Finally, ten reasons to spend winter in Sweden!

And on that note, it’s a wrap!



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