Tornado Quest Gee-O-Science Links For Dec. 9 – 16, 2013

There’s a lot going on this week in many science fields. Here’s a look at a few choice articles…


Scientists need to focus, and market, their knowledge via social media in ways that are second nature to a marketer.


China has just thrown their hat into the space exploration ring by putting their first lander on the Earth’s moon.


As seismic activity in Oklahoma increases, scientists are turning an eye toward the oil and gas industry.


I’ve been reading about this problem for years concerning ocean pollution. “Scientists Turn Their Gaze Toward Tiny Threats To Great Lakes”


Is there a relation between our changing climate and tornadoes? It’s likely no clear consensus will answer that question from some time.

Interesting read on NASA research into new studies on the ozone hole over Antarctica.

Atmospheric scientists studying clouds could uncover many complexities on climate change.

The Geological Society of London has issued a statement on climate change: “Earth’s Sensitivity To Climate Change Could Be Double Previous Estimates”

In the UK, a “stormy meeting” between climate change skeptics and believers is underway.

The yuletide season is upon us. What better way to set the spirit than with an enjoyable video, “The Art And Science Of Snow

Part meteorology, part physiology. Studying the impacts of lightning on the human body.

What are you chances of a white Christmas across the contiguous 48 United States? Check here to find out!

Have a great week everybody!



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