Tornado Quest Gee-O-Science Links For Jan. 6 – 13, 2014

It’s hard to believe that the first month of a new year is half over, but I guess time flies when you’re having fun. I’m running a couple of days late on my weekly post due to previous commitments that took far too much time to complete. At least the journey to the finished product was enjoyable.

Here’s a look at a few links for this week…


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has revamped its Citizen Science website, “to assist the public in conducting scientific research and collecting data to better understand their local environment and address issues of concern.” Information via the SciStarter blog. 

This article from SciStarter looks at the connections between children, citizen science, privacy, and COPPA compliance.


Net neutrality took a big blow this week.


Ten years of amazing Rover action on Mars…and here’s to many more!

When you can’t measure the wind speed and direction on other planets, just use the sand dunes as “windsocks.”


Make no mistake about it. There’s no such thing as “clean” coal. Here’s a thought-provoking read on Australia’s use of the old-hat fossil fuel.


NOAA’s National Climactic Data Center has released their latest State Of The Climate report. Some fascinating data here. It is a must-read.

A very good read that’s more than timely ~ Global Warming: The Conversation We Need To Have

A very thoughtful essay on attacks targeting climate scientists.

While North America froze during the recent “polar vortex” cold snap, Scandinavia basked in unusually mild winter weather.

There are many ways of recording temperature on the Earth. Here’s a good read on utilizing satellites for that purpose.

The Tulsa World has a very nice “behind the scenes” look at the Tulsa, OK National Weather Service including some important food for thought (i.e. the silly myth that Tulsa can’t be hit by a major (EF-4/5) tornado).

And speaking of potential disasters, 2013 was a big year for major disasters of all kinds across all points on the globe.

Finally, “We The Geeks” is an enjoyable video to watch with a host of great guests. And yes, they talked about the much maligned “polar vortex” that so many curmudgeons are dismissing.

Have a great week everybody…







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