Tornado Quest Gee-O-Science Links For Jan. 13 – 20, 2014

A relatively quiet weather week has been on hand for most of North America save for the latest snowstorm which, as of this post, is blanketing much of the northeast with several inches of snow. As for climate, the big news of the week was NOAA’s State Of The Climate Report which reviewed 2013 and gave us no surprises for long-term climate trends…our planet is warming.

Here are this week’s links…


The history of science has always fascinated me and this article is no exception. Take a look at these amazing old medical illustrations.


This could easily go under the ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE category, but I want to emphasize the importance of the citizen scientists with the mPING app from the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman, OK. Anyone with a iOS or Android smart phone can download the app (which is amazingly small compared to so many other apps) and year round contribute to weather research by reporting your weather conditions.


Would I invite an environmentalist  to a party? You bet I would. But, like so many other science fields, there are unfair “stereotypes” that taint the non-scientists’ view of certain professions or fields of study.


Smile Earthlings! You had your photo taken from a point in our solar system very near Saturn.

An amazing story that is sadly ignored. If there was anyone who deserves a follow on Twitter, it’s this astronaut.


Most of the atmospheric science community is VERY tired of hearing the polar vortex over-hype. I’d like to think the AMS has put a stake through the heart of a term that has been around for decades…and is nothing new.

A fascinating read that’s part science history, part climatology. What caused a 10-year winter starting in 536?

A great read by Brad Panovich that all aspiring and/or hobbyist meteorologists should read: Wishcasting versus Forecasting.

An interesting project is underway with NASA drones studying the western Pacific stratosphere.

Several good climate reads this week…starting with this one: Andrew Dessler’s testimony on what we know about climate change…and from Real Climate: If You See Something, Say Something.

Finally, here’s NOAA’s comprehensive State Of The Climate Report. Pour yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and settle in for a spell. There’s a lot of data to absorb here but the message is more than clear.

Have a great week everyone…



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