Dont Put That Winter Coat Away. @NWSCPC Outlooks Show Cold Hanging On

Most everyone across the contiguous 48 states has had their fill of winter (including yours truly) but don’t let this weeks respite from below zero wind chills fool you. The latest temperature probability outlooks from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) hint at below average temperatures for Feb. 25 – March 1 and Feb. 27 – March 5 across much of the eastern half of the lower 48. On the other hand, Alaska and much of the western states will be above normal. As for precipitation, the probability outlooks hint at some relief for drought ravaged parts of California for Feb. 25 – March 1 and Feb. 27 – March 5 while much of the upper Midwest will be below average. I enjoy sharing the CPC products with my followers because it can be useful information. Keep in mind that these products are not specific forecasts but probability outlooks based on a myriad of information sources from current computer model forecasts, statistics, seasonal averages, past weather patterns, etc. Nevertheless, CPC data can be very helpful in a myriad of scenarios.

Have a great week everyone…cheers!


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