Tornado Quest Gee-O-Science Links May 13 – 20, 2014

Across North America, it’s been a rather tranquil week with a few scattered episodes of severe weather. This will be another abbreviated post for this week. I’ve also noticed some changes to the way WordPress works. If the changes aren’t reversed or aren’t temporary, I’ll move this weekly blog post to the Tornado Quest Tumblr blog. In the meantime, let’s get started on this week’s links…


Here’s a “must-read” on science terminology from meteorologist Dan Satterfield who passed along this essay written by astrophysicist Brian Koberlein.


The “digital revolution” is a major watershed event in the history of human technology. In spite of that, hazards exist especially in the area of privacy.


Can you name more than one female scientist? Here’s a list of unsung heroines.


Check out this very cool citizen science project called “Drugs From Dirt” where you can help scientists find beneficial microbes lurking in your garden soil.

Heads up bird lovers! Your help is needed!


The public servants of Oklahoma are at it again. Apparently the “hyperbole” of scientific truth is just too much. If this continues (and it likely will), the future looks bleak.


What’s most amazing about this recent dinosaur discovery is the fact that the bones were discovered in the first place. Still, the size of this amazing animal is impressive.


Interesting info on a study of pollution sources between urban and rural Midwestern air.

Water is a precious resource. For the benefit of future generations, many complex issues need to be addressed.

How about some good news! Samso is the world’s first 100% renewable energy-powered island!


April 2014 tied 2010 for the hottest April on record according to a new NOAA report. Our humble planet is on track for its 6th warmest year to-date and the 350th month in a row of above average global temperatures.

With no relief in sight for the near future, 100% of CA is now experiencing severe to exceptional drought. As a result, wildfires have hit hard and fast.

The climate change denialist run under a self-delusional guise of “science” that brings into question any credibility (CV or otherwise) they might have…in spite of their credentials. I really don’t feel NASA et al. would put their reputations on the line for pseudoscience. Even though the consensus is solid, climate scientists can’t afford to turn their backs or become complacent.

Finally, today (May 20) marks the 1st anniversary of the Moore, OK EF-5 tornado. Here’s a fantastic timeline of all products (including social media) issued by the Norman, OK NWS during the event. A full overview of the event can be found here. The amazing recovery and rebuilding efforts are better covered elsewhere. One thing is certain…it’s heartening to see people put differences of all degrees aside and come to the aid of their fellow humans in the wake of an event of this magnitude.

If time and schedule allows, I’ll add a few more links this week. Until next time…



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