Tornado Quest Science Links And Much More For Oct. 1 – 12, 2014

To say that the past month has been hectic and busy is a vast understatement, hence the increased time between blog posts. Life does have a way of tossing a ‘curve ball’ our way when we least expect it. The best we can do, as a species that has been relatively successful in adaptation, is make the best of the situation.

The tropical Atlantic has lit up in the last day or so. Tropical Storm Fay, forecast to stay well to sea, and Tropical Storm Gonzalo, forecast to reach hurricane status as it heads toward the Leeward Islands, have become front and center in an otherwise quiet Atlantic season.

Due to the pending severe weather across the southern plains (Sunday/early Monday) and ArkLaTex to MS/TN valley (Monday to early Tues) this will be a very brief post.


How did English become the language of science?


Here’s a great TED video by Jessica Richman: Why should science be limited to scientists?


There’s more to recycling than meets the eye…and more you can recycle than you realize

The “four corners” region has been revealed to be a significant source of the climate-changing gas methane.


Tropical Storm Gonzalo is forecast to reach hurricane status as it moves west towards the Leeward Islands.

The latest US Drought Monitor is out and shows “exceptional conditions persist in parts of CA, NV, OK, & TX.

Some good info here. How To Stay Warm When It’s Cold Outside.

And that’s a wrap…have a great week everyone!



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