Tornado Quest Science Links And Much More For Oct. 26 – Nov. 2, 2014

In many areas across North America, the autumn foliage is at or nearing its peak beauty. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy some, savor the experience. It’s been another relatively quiet week across much of the United States. On that note, a great deal of reflection has taken place over the past few days with this week being the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. We’ve come so far in recovery, yet have many important issues to be addressed…and many of them have an important policy and psychological connection to our weather and climate.

For your consideration, here are this week’s links…


A very thought-provoking read. “What Time Is It?”

How I wish this silliness would end. Turning back, or forward, our clocks twice a year makes no sense in our contemporary society.


Jupiter gets a giant cyclops eye just in time for Halloween.

The largest sunspot in twenty-five years gave astronomers a view of massive flares.


This is so very true. “Being environmentally conscious can not only improve the environment and quality of life, but your budget as well.”


The Oklahoma Mesonet is celebrating their 20th anniversary! Check out their “Top 20 Extreme Weather Events In Mesonet History.” Oklahoma weather is definitely NOT boring!

Important information from the United Nations Environment Program on the latest IPCC report. The synthesis report at the IPCC website will give you further details.

Many challenges are in the road ahead for dealing with climate change…so this is no time to loose heart.

The study of ice cores has fascinated me for years. It’s an excellent way of looking back in time at climates.

By mid 2015, it’ll be time to say, “goodbye” to the TRMM weather satellite. Thanks for the memories. It was fun while it lasted.

The USA disaster policy is good, but needs improvement. Here’s one take on the situation.

In post-disaster scenarios, PTSD, anxiety/panic disorders, depression, et al. are all too often overlooked. Recovery involves more than rebuilding homes, businesses, and infrastructure. These disaster induced scars run deep and can last a lifetime. “I’ll never be psychologically the same.”


Attention gentlemen! It’s Movember…time to groom that facial hair into a dashing statement and show your support for men’s mental and physical health.

That’s’ a wrap for this week…have a great week everybody!



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