Tornado Quest Science Links And Much More For Nov. 30 – Dec. 8, 2014

As a winter chill sets in over much of North America, the 2014 Atlantic basin hurricane season officially ended on Nov. 30, 2014. Fortunately, it was mild in comparison to past seasons. In the western USA as of this post, parts of California were getting some badly needed rainfall. Unfortunately, it won’t be nearly enough to be of long-term benefit to drought ravaged areas. Finally, with December 1st comes the beginning of the “meteorological winter” for the Northern Hemisphere. In Lima, Peru, a very important United Nations climate summit is underway…the results of which will hopefully be productively beneficial.

For your consideration, here are this week’s links…


A very interesting and educational read on “The Science of Scientific Writing.”

We live on an amazing planet where everything came together at the right place and right time for a myriad of life forms to evolve over billions of years. Take a (full screen) look at this spectacular “birds-eye-view” over Alaska. It’ll renew your appreciation of the only home our species will ever have.

Some good news for getting science articles online. Nature promotes read-only sharing by subscribers.


If you think cyberbullying is limited to children and teenagers, think again.


Here’s a spectacular view of NASA’s Orion spacecraft at liftoff from a very close vantage point. Here’s the official NASA video.


Very cool! “In world first, researchers convert sunlight to electricity with over 40 percent efficiency.”

A look at the six countries that produce almost sixty percent of global carbon dioxide emissions.

Climate change is more than just the atmosphere. Much of our biosphere, including the animal kingdom, is also affected.

How much water do you use? An interesting look at this question from the USGS.


The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season has come to an end. Here’s a quick overview.

This past week’s US Drought Monitor still shows exceptional conditions persisting in CA, NV, OK, & TX. Recent rains may help next week’s map more appealing to the eye.

An interesting read: “Are We Missing The Big Picture On Climate Change?”

With the U.N. Climate Summit taking front and center of much media coverage, Science Friday had a nice segment covering the news on this week’s broadcast.

A thought-provoking read on the power of women in the face of climate change.

An interesting read from Climate Central on how USA winters are changing.

A recent popular article on predictability for USA cities isn’t as on the mark as many think it is. Capital Weather Gang chimes in with a sound rebuttal.

And that’s a wrap for this post…



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