A Badly Needed Social Media Vacation And Sacking Windows 10

After several weeks of marathon late nights on various social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) it was painfully obvious that I needed a social media break. Let’s keep this short, sweet, and to the point. I highly recommend everyone take a social media vacation every so often if for no other reason than to recharge your batteries. It’s also a good time to reflect and take a retrospective view of your own social media presence and where you want it to go. It’s also time to realize certain outlets/platforms (Twitter being a good example) are in a bit of an instability mode at the present time. Google+, in spite of my best hopes, is all but cratered…no thanks to Facebook. Social media takes work, an appreciation of diversity, non-conventional/traditional viewpoints, and sharing information because you care about your audience…not because one is a shill or flapping the wings to get attention and followers. Time away from social media gives me a change to recharge, reevaluate, and re-inspire myself to the very serious (and often daunting) task of commitment to an online presence even when there’s not much going on. Now that I’m refreshed, I’m ready for renewed vigor and plenty of things to share. Soon, I’ll be starting my seventh year on Twitter and have no plans of slowing down. For my other social media accounts, some of which have existed for at least five years, the best is yet to come. Taking that “social media vacation” was just the right elixir in just the right amount. I highly recommend it to all.

The best is NOT yet to come for Windows 10. I downloaded the “latest and greatest” when it was first available. Fortunately, this was on an older machine that I was using as the “guinea pig” for this escapade. I’ll not bore you with several articles regarding privacy issues (there are dozens of them addressing the same issues) so we can pass over that. My main issue with Windows 10 is the overall instability that exists with the operating system at this time. From my perspective, this is Microsoft’s last-ditch attempt to keep a desktop OS alive…which is a real shame since I prefer the desktop environment over all others. Most of my monitors (even the one I use with my Dell laptop) are in the 24″ – 27″ range. In laptops, I won’t consider anything under 15″. For the general consumer who checks email and posts the occasional social media post, a tablet may be just grand, but manufacturers of both hardware and OS will be overlooking a large segment of their consumer base if they think everyone’s going to use nothing else than an 8″ tablet. If you absolutely must have Windows 10, by all means knock yourself out. Happy with Windows 7 or 8.1? Please keep it. If your experience will be anything like mine, you’ll be much happier. After seventeen days (yes, I know that’s not long) I couldn’t stand watching and tweaking the train wreck anymore and, for this workhorse, went back to Windows 8.1. I know there will be plenty of folks eager to jump in and will have a good user experience. Hopefully that will be the case with most of you. Otherwise, IMHO…proceed with extreme caution.



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