Tornado Quest Science Links Week In Review For January 13 – 20, 2018

Greetings to everyone! If you’re struggling to get through the current cold snap that is affecting much of North America, hang in there. Many locations have passed their climate “peak” of winter cold and are on the path to a slow but steady warmup. In contrast, folks in Australia are dealing with a brutal heat wave. There are plenty of other topics to review, so let’s get started.

For your consideration, here are this week’s links…


If you’re looking for good search engine alternatives to the most popular ones, here’s a good read with several excellent privacy-oriented suggestions.

Is social media making us dumber? Here’s an interesting viewpoint on the hap-hazards of what could be the most contentious aspect of the online world. One caveat, it should be read with critical thinking skills in top gear.


If you’re into citizen science and weather, here’s a great project you can participate in…the mPING project that helps weather research. “Weather radars cannot “see” at the ground, so mPING reports are used by the NOAA National Weather Service to fine-tune their forecasts. NSSL uses the data in a variety of ways, including to develop new radar and forecasting technologies and techniques.”


Check out this spectacular view of an active volcano from the viewpoint of a drone.


This is an important topic that has ramifications for many continents. Air quality is a crucial public health issue worldwide. “A Europe That Protects Cannot Sit By As 400,000 Europeans Die From Poor Air Quality Every Year.”


The seasonal NOAA drought outlook valid until 30 April 2018 for the USA shows increasing dry/drought conditions from Arizona & Utah eastward to the southern plains. More sporadic dry/drought conditions on the outlook for the southern states and eastern seaboard.

Graphic: NOAA

International Falls, MN, USA has been known for years as the “icebox of the nation.” Recently, two other towns are vying for that title as the coldest joint in the contiguous USA.

Handling snow, even where it’s an annual event, is challenging. “Why Cities Where It Definitely Snows Continue To Act Like They’ve Never Seen Snow.”

This is a fantastic idea on teaching children about weather…and fortunately the focus is on getting them to go outside! “There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather” is a Scandinavian mom’s guide to raising kids.

Speaking of weather education, it’s not to early to take a “refresher” course on severe weather. The National Severe Storms Laboratory has a nice Severe Weather 101 page to get you started for the coming severe weather season across North America.


Shoveling snow can be an arduous task, especially if you’re not used to doing it every year. Here’s an excellent read on how to shovel snow properly and the best tools for the job.

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