Tornado Quest Science And Hurricane Prep Links For September 3 – 10, 2018 #Florence #Isaac #Olivia

Greetings everyone. This week’s post will have a few science links, but with Hurricanes Florence, Isaac, and Olivia in the picture, that changes everything. First and foremost, I’d like to share a post I’ve put together for hurricane preparedness.

A Hurricane Preparedness Primer

The forecast for all current tropical cyclones will change several times a day as they are modified and more weather data is gathered. It’s prudent that anyone within the areas that could be affected stay on top of local National Weather Service forecasts and outlooks from the National Hurricane Center. As the situation evolves, the information on the Hurricane Preparedness post will be subject to change.


Here’s a fascinating long-read. “Science Curiosity And Political Information Processing.” Bottom line…”science curiosity counteracts politically biased information processing.” To put it more succinctly, curiosity, critical thinking, the scientific method, and rationale overrule subjective, emotionally based reactions.

Libraries are an essential part of a high quality of life. Here’s an interesting essay on the difficulties libraries are facing in our digital age.


Unlike humans, CO2 doesn’t recognize political borders…and various countries across our planet are shipping carbon that contributes to climate change round the world.

This is a disconcerting issue that could happen across much of the USA. “As Climate Warms, Algae Blooms In Drinking Water Supplies.”

On positive note, here is some really good renewable energy news. The world’s largest offshore wind farm has just opened off the coast of northern England.


Here’s a look at the latest USA Drought Monitor which contains a summary of current dry and drought conditions across all fifty states.

By running from the anxiety associated with climate change, we’re not doing ourselves any favors. “How Can We Avoid Climate Avoidance?”

That’s a wrap for this post. If you’re in the forecast path of Hurricane Florence or any other active tropical cyclone, take as many hurricane preparedness steps you can take. Time is running out and if you are ordered to evacuate, please do. The life of your loved ones and you may depend on it. Stay safe!

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