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Tornado Quest Top Ten Science Links For October 8 – 15, 2018

Greetings to one and all! This has been an exceptional weather and climate week in every way. Hurricane Michael proved to be a devastating event in terms of damage…the scope of which we are just beginning to grasp the extent of less than a week after it is 10 October 2018 landfall on the Florida panhandle. In meteorological terms, it will rank as one of the top ten most powerful hurricanes to affect the USA. From very modest beginnings as a diffuse low pressure center on 2 October 2018, it grew into a cluster of thunderstorms east of Central America. Hurricane Michael then took advantage of optimal atmospheric conditions and unseasonably warm Gulf of Mexico water temperatures to intensify to a hurricane that was a high-end Category 4 storm. The latest IPCC UN climate report also got a considerable amount of attention and is certainly a subject that needs to be addressed immediately.

Hurricane Michael as a high-end Category 4 storm shortly before landfall on the Florida panhandle on 10 October 2018.

Hurricane Michael’s Eye Viewed From The International Space Station By NASA Goddard Space Flight Center From Greenbelt, MD, USA

A Hurricane Preparedness Primer

For those of you who live in hurricane prone regions, this page will give you a starting point on preparedness. This link will be posted each week until the end of the Atlantic tropical cyclone season. If you’ve not prepared for a tropical cyclone, it’s not too late in the season. We’ve several more weeks left for tropical cyclone formation. Major hurricanes have occurred in October and November…and will occur again. Also, here’s a reminder on how to manage the plethora of social media outlets during the tropical cyclone season.

Infographic courtesty National Weather Service, Wakefield, Virginia, USA

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Until next time…stay safe and keep and eye on the weather.


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